In Development


Short Film

Director:  Michèle Kaye

Screenwriter:  Michèle Kaye

Producers: Laura Tremblay, Tejasvi Bhalla, Jen Pogue, Michèle Kaye

Genre:  Dark Drama


A group of tourists follow in the footsteps of a megalomaniac Victorian explorer in the hopes of spotting a critically endangered animal.


Short Film

Directors:  Sophie-Ann Rooney

Screenwriter:  Kym Wyatt McKenzie & Michael Lipka

Producers: Laura Tremblay, Adam Lolacher, Michael Lipka, Kym Wyatt McKenzie

Genre:  Western/Drama


When a hitch hiking song writer decides to help a traveling bandit rob a card game it changes their fate and sets the spirit of country music on a new path.


Feature Film

Directors:  Tim Matheson

Screenwriter:  Holly Merritt

Producers: Laura Tremblay, Avi Federgreen

Genre:  Comedy


Bill Masey is a famous, and until recently reclusive director. In an attempt to revive an ailing career, he sets out to direct a new independent film; a blossoming romance between two endearing leads. Supported by his loyal yet troubled assistant Hayley, and surrounded by a company of enthusiastic players, hilarity ensues as Bill tries to steer the unpredictable set. As the day wears on, the mix of touching stories being told behind the camera prove to be the perfect combination to create the one in front of it.


Short Film

Directors:  Daraksha Rehman

Screenwriter:  Daraksha Rehman & Nihar Sonalkar

Story By: Maziyar Khatam

Producers: Laura Tremblay, Daraksha Rehman

Genre:  Drama


After being wrongfully imprisoned, Abbas heads home where he has to teach himself how to be a part of society, without falling back into his old ways.


Short Film

Directors:  Michèle Kaye & Laura Tremblay

Screenwriter:  Kristen Da Silva

Producers: Laura Tremblay, Michèle Kaye, Jen Pogue

Genre:  Drama


Madeline always wanted a child. The perfect piece to a fairy tale life. But she is soon stricken with extreme doubt, exhaustion, and haunting thoughts. This film looks deep into the mind of a woman struggling with postpartum depression and psychosis. 


Short Film

Director:  Patrick Hodgson

Screenwriter:  Andrew McGillivray

Producers: Laura Tremblay, Patrick Hodgson

Genre:  Horror

Margot's abusive father learns that the "monster" under his daughter's bed is more familiar than he realizes.



Director:  TBD

Screenwriter:  Holly Merritt

Producers: Laura Tremblay, Avi Federgreen

Genre:  Drama

A year after the tragic death of a young woman, two of the people closest to her take an impulsive trip and find themselves blurring the messy lines of love, lust and friendship. Their journey forces them to face their guilt over the loss and unresolved feelings for one other.

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