Web Series

Director:  Michèle Kaye

Screenwriter:  Michèle Kaye & Tejasvi Bhalla

Producers: Laura Tremblay, Michèle Kaye

Genre:  Dark Comedy

Starring: Chantelle Wilson, Jack Foley, Michèle Kaye

Here’s Ginger! is a dark comedy about a fifty-year old woman named Ginger. After spending all the money she made acting on a kids show twenty years earlier, Ginger is forced to find a new job. Getting back into acting is something her elderly “stage mom” encourages, but Ginger has other ideas. Driven by a fascination with the “corporate world” that she and her equally out-of-touch best friend Summer have heard so much about, Ginger finds an entry-level job in an office. Her interview with a misogynistic, egotistical white man sets the tone for her experience, and things only get worse from there. Ginger learns that real office life is far different from the romanticized world she had imagined. When she can no longer bear the hypocrisy, monotony, and outright corruption of corporate culture, she returns, reluctantly, to acting. Throughout the series, Ginger is judged on her age, for being broke, for not having children, and for not being married. She is consistently patronized and harassed, but always perseveres – and in the end, she gets the last laugh.


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Short Film

Director:  Kris Hagen

Screenwriter:  Kris Hagen

Producers: Laura Tremblay, Kris Hagen

Genre:  Thriller

Starring: Kristen MacCulloch, Kris Hagen, David Bacque


Returning home from the night shift, Lisa meets her sister's latest one night stand. Doors is a dramatic short with a thriller pacing quietly under the surface. Official Selection of Toronto After Dark Film Festival (Toronto).


Short Film

Directors:  Laura Tremblay

Screenwriter:  Laura Tremblay

Producers: Laura Tremblay, Gillian Pownall

Genre:  Comedy

Starring: Laura Tremblay, Andrew Ferguson

A woman deals with the frustrations of having a monthly cycle. Official selection of Toronto Internation Short Film Festival (Toronto).


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Short Film

Director:  Michèle Kaye

Screenwriter:  Michèle Kaye & Tejasvi Bhalla

Producers: Laura Tremblay, Michèle Kaye, Tejasvi Bhalla, Jen Pogue

Genre:  Thriller/Satire

Starring: Alyssa Capriotti, Winny Clarke, Wayne Burns, Sarah Slywchuk


In this surreal satire set in a post-apocalyptic world, a young woman, Ruby, invites three disturbingly strange guests to dinner. The gathering quickly slips into the absurd and Ruby must make a life or death decision.


Short Film

Director:  Laura Tremblay

Screenwriter: Andrew McGillivray

Producers: Laura Tremblay, Andrew McGillivray

Genre:  Comedy

Starring: Andrew McGillivray


A man is forced to decide between a grueling day at his monotonous job, or a day spent with his cat. But does his cat want to spend the day with him?


Short Film

Director:  Michèle Kaye

Screenwriter: Michèle Kaye

Producers: Laura Tremblay, Michèle Kaye

Genre:  Comedy

Starring: Michèle Kaye, Becky Grimman, Laura Tremblay, Amber Mackereth

A reflection on practical needs and desires in heteronormative domestic partnerships... In a new world where men don't exist.

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